Remote Renewable Hubs for Carbon-Neutral Fuel Production

Decarbonising sectors such as aviation, heating and industry has proved difficult via direct electrification. Hence, the synthesis of carbon-neutral fuels and feedstocks from renewable electricity has received much attention in recent years. However, in European [...]

24 février 2021|

Sector coupling for the energy transition: the case of the Dutch energy system

The topic of sector coupling and the role it may play in the energy transition has recently received a great deal of attention in European energy policy circles. In particular, power-to-gas technologies, which enable the [...]

4 juillet 2020|

An Artificial Intelligence Solution for Electricity Procurement in Forward Markets

Download the research paper Retailers and major consumers of electricity generally purchase a critical percentage of their estimated electricity needs years ahead on the forward markets. This long-term electricity procurement task consists of determining when [...]

11 juin 2020|

Job offers – Research positions in Intelligent Power Systems

The research positions are about combining modelling, simulation, optimisation, and machine learning techniques in order to investigate several technical, economic and regulatory aspects induced by major upcoming changes in energy (and in particular, electricity) generation, [...]

24 avril 2020|

An Application of Deep Reinforcement Learning to Algorithmic Trading

Download the research paper This research paper presents a novel deep reinforcement learning (DRL) solution to the decision-making problem behind algorithmic trading in the stock markets: selecting the appropriate trading action (buy, hold or sell [...]

15 avril 2020|