Download our paper entitled Active network management for electrical distribution systems: problem formulation, benchmark, and approximate solution

Summary of our paper

With the increasing share of renewable and distributed generation in electrical distribution systems, active network management (ANM) becomes a valuable option for a distribution system operator to operate his system in a secure and cost-effective way without relying solely on network reinforcement.

ANM strategies are short-term policies that control the power injected by generators and/or taken off by loads in order to avoid congestion or voltage issues. While simple ANM strategies consist in curtailing temporary excess generation, more advanced strategies rather attempt to move the consumption of loads to anticipated periods of high renewable generation.



Fig: A schematic view of a distribution network.



In our work, we study both the formulation of such advanced strategies and the large-scale optimal sequential decision-making problems under uncertainty that must be solved to implement them. We provide quantitative results using state of the art solvers and perform a sensitivity analysis over several key parameters.

To foster further research on this problem, we make available at three test beds based on distribution networks of 5, 33, and 77 buses. These test beds contain a simulator of the distribution system, with stochastic models for the generation and consumption devices, and allow various ANM strategies to be tested.

And to finish this post, a video featuring one of our ANM algorithm in action on the 77 bus distribution network:

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