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PhD students

Ioannis Boukas Bidding strategies for electricity markets (2016-)
Miguel Manuel de Villena Alternative models for distributing electricity (2016-)
Frédéric Olivier Smart Grids (2013-)
Vincent François Reinforcement learning and microgrids (2014-)
Samy Attaihar Machine learning and microgrids (2015-)
Rodrigue Roland Real-time control of microgrids (2015-)
Albert Nsengiyumva Microgrids in Africa (2015-)
David Vangulick Blackstart of distribution networks using distributed generation (2015-)


Michael Castronovo Reinforcement learning for energy systems (2017-)
Raphael Fonteneau Reinforcement learning (2011-)
Quentin Gemine Smart operation of microgrids (co-supervised by Bertrand Cornélusse) (2017-)
Efthymios Karangelos Risk-based operation of power systems (2012-) (co-supervised by Louis Wehenkel)
Sebastien Mathieu Electricity markets (2016 – )
Gilles Meyer Microgrids (2016-)


Julien Confetti Software developer for smart energy systems
Benoit Mattheus Software developer for smart mobility applications
Danielle Bonten Secretary

Past PhD

Michael Castronovo Offline Policy-search in Bayesian Reinforcement Learning (2012-2017 ) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
Quentin Gemine Active network management (2012-2016) (co-supervised by Bertrand Cornélusse)
Sebastien Mathieu Demand side management in power systems (2012 – 2016) (co-supervised by Quentin Louveaux and Bertrand Cornélusse)
Firas Safadi AI and video games (2010-2015) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
David Lupien St-Pierre Contributions to Monte-Carlo Search (2010-2013)
Jing Dai Frequency control coordination among non-synchronous AC areas connected by a multi-terminal HVDC grid (2008-2011)
Florence Fonteneau-Belmudes Identification of dangerous contingencies for large scale power system security assessment (2007-2012)
Raphael Fonteneau Contributions to batch mode reinforcement learning (2007-2011)

Past post-docs

Adrien Couetoux Reinforcement learning (2014-2016)
Bertrand Cornélusse Smart grids (2013-2016)
Aivar Sootla Optimal control and synthetic biology (2014-2016)
Tobias Jung Reinforcement learning with application to computer networks (2010-2013)
Francis Maes Reinforcement learning (2012)
Emmanuel Rachelson Reinforcement learning (2010)


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