PhD students

Matthias Pirlet Artificial intelligence for electricity markets (2023-)
Maurizio Vassallo Reinforcement learning for smart grids (2022-)
Victor Dachet Optimisation and reinforcement learning for energy systems (2022-)
Elie Kadoche Intelligent control of off-shore wind farms (2022-)
Florent De Geeter Biological models for improving Deep learning (2021-)
Bardhyl Miftari Graph-Based Optimization Modelling Language (2021-)
Gaspard Lambrechts Deep RL for POMDP (2021-)
Jocelyn Mbenoun Study and optimization of multi-energy systems (2021-)
Amina Benzerga Optimisation for the energy transition (2020-)
Vageesh Chakrapani Manakari Smart algorithms for renewable energy communities (2020-)
Adrien Bolland Reinforcement learning for energy markets (2020-)
Antoine Dubois The Global Grid: analysis and optimisation (2019-)
Thibaut Théate Deep reinforcement learning for algorithmic trading (2018-)
Koen Boeckx Artificial intelligence for advanced defence systems (2018-)
David Vangulick Blockchain and electricity networks (2015-)
Samy Attaihar Reinforcement learning and microgrids (2015-)
Pascal Leroy Reinforcement learning for advanced defence systems (2018-)


Guillaume Derval Optimisation for energy systems (2022-)
Alireza Bahmanyar Control of complex power systems (2012-)
Raphael Fonteneau Energy and artificial intelligence (2011-)


Audrey Lempereur Researcher in intelligent robotics (2020-)
Tom Ewbank Researcher in intelligent robotics (2020-)
Loic Sacré Researcher in intelligent robotics (2020-)
Danielle Bonten Secretary

Former PhD

Mathias Berger Low-carbon energy system design: methods, software and applications (2018-2023)
Nicolas Vecoven Introducing biological neuronal dynamics and neuromodulation in artificial neural networks
David Radu Siting Strategies for Variable Renewable Generation Assets in Capacity Expansion Planning Frameworks
Ioannis Boukas Deep Reinforcement Learning for the Control of Energy Storage in Grid-Scale and Microgrid Applications (co-supervised by Bertrand Cornélusse)
Miguel Manuel de Villena Smart Regulation for Distribution Networks – Modelling New Local Electricity Markets and Regulatory Frameworks for the Integration of Distributed Electricity Generation Resources (2016-2021) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
Frédéric Olivier Solutions for Integrating Photovoltaic Panels Into Low-voltage Distribution Networks (2013-2017) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
Vincent François-Lavet Contributions to deep reinforcement learning and its applications in smart grids (2014-2017) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
Michael Castronovo Offline Policy-search in Bayesian Reinforcement Learning (2012-2017) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
Quentin Gemine Active network management for electrical distribution systems (2012-2016) (co-supervised by Bertrand Cornélusse)
Sebastien Mathieu Flexibility services in the electrical system (2012 – 2016) (co-supervised by Quentin Louveaux and Bertrand Cornélusse)
Firas Safadi AI and video games (2010-2015) (co-supervised by Raphael Fonteneau)
David Lupien St-Pierre Contributions to Monte-Carlo Search (2010-2013) (co-supervised by Quentin Louveaux)
Jing Dai Frequency control coordination among non-synchronous AC areas connected by a multi-terminal HVDC grid (2008-2011) (co-supervised by Yannick Phulpin)
Florence Fonteneau-Belmudes Identification of dangerous contingencies for large-scale power system security assessment (2007-2012) (co-supervised by Louis Wehenkel)
Raphael Fonteneau Contributions to batch mode reinforcement learning (2007-2011) (co-supervised by Louis Wehenkel)

Former post-docs

Ioannis Boukas Optimising flexibility in water systems (2021- 2023)
Michael Castronovo Reinforcement learning for energy systems (2017-2022)
Miguel Manuel de Villena Renewable energy communities (2021)
Hatim Djelassi Optimisation for multi-energy systems (2020-2021)
Yves Vanaubel Intelligent computing for future energy systems (2018-2021)
Quentin Gemine Smart operation of microgrids (2016-2022)
Sebastien Mathieu Intelligent computing for future energy systems (2017-2020)
Gilles Meyer Energy management systems for microgrids (2016-2018)
Adrien Couetoux Reinforcement learning (2014-2016)
Bertrand Cornélusse Smart grids (2013-2016)
Aivar Sootla Optimal control and synthetic biology (2014-2016)
Tobias Jung Reinforcement learning with application to computer networks (2010-2013)
Efthymios Karangelos Risk-based operation of power systems (2012-2014) (co-supervised by Louis Wehenkel)
Francis Maes Reinforcement learning (2012)
Emmanuel Rachelson Reinforcement learning (2010)


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