This class will be given during the second semester on Wednesday afternoon in Room 0.36 of Building B37. It starts at 2:00pm. The first class is on the 10 th of February.  The teaching assistant for the class is Mr. Samy Aittahar  (Email: eb.eg1544722168eilu@1544722168rahat1544722168tias1544722168 ).

Students should come to the class with their laptop.

1. Lectures

Lesson 1. 07/02/2018. Speaker: Damien Ernst.  Introduction to Reinforcement Rearning (RL). Understand how to build a RL agent for non-adversarial environment with discrete state/action spaces.

Lesson 2. 14/02/2018. Speaker: Damien Ernst.  The Q-learning algorithm (see Slides Lesson 1).

Lesson 3. 21/02/2018. Speaker: Damien Ernst. Reinforcement learning for continuous state-action spaces (see Slides Lesson 1).

Lesson 4. 28/02/2018. Speaker: Damien Ernst. Discussion  Research paper 1  and Research paper 2.

Lesson 5. 07/03/2018. Speaker: Raphael Fonteneau. Advanced batch mode reinforcement learning.

No class on the 14/03/2018 due to the « Forum entreprise » but I am available between 1pm and 3pm in my office to answer questions related to your assignments and your final project.

Lesson 6. 21/03/2018 and 28/03/2018 Speaker: Damien Ernst.  Advanced algorithms for learning Q-functions. and projet presentations.

Lesson 7. 18/04/2018. Speaker: Damien Ernst. Exploration/exploitation in Reinforcement Learning: The multi-armed bandit problems. Class based on Research paper 3 (first 25 pages) that you will have to read/study before the class.

For the class of the 18/04/2018, you will have also to read another paper about Actor-Critic algorithms. To read this paper, you may want to first understand what policy gradient methods for RL are by reading this document.


2. Assignments

Assignment 1 – 07/02/2018. Preliminary results due to for the 14/02/2017.  Deadline for the final submission: 20/02/2018

Results assignment 1

Assignment 2 – 21/02/2018. Preliminary results due to for the 28/02/2017. Deadline for the final submission: 14/03/2018.

Assignment 3 – 28/02/2018 (final assignment). Preliminary results due to for the  21/03/2017. Deadline for the final submission: 15/05/2018.  Assignment 3 is not mandatory. But if you get between 10/20-15/20 for the assignment, you get a +2 bonus on your final note, and a plus +4 bonus if you are above 15 and below 20. If you get 20/20, you get a plus 6 bonus.

3. Final project

The final project. You need to make a presentation about Step 1 of your final project on the 21/03/2018.  You can also present on this day Step 2 if you want. Please send before this date to the TA: (i) the name of the people in your group (ii) the name of your RL project. Be ambitious, creative and try to explore RL techniques that have not been discussed during the plenary lectures.

Deadline for the final report is on the 29/05/2018.

Schedule for the defense of the final project

Project of Benoit Umé: Research paper   Présentation

4. Evaluations

Evaluation 1.  Results Evaluation 1

Evaluation 2. Results Evaluation 2

Evaluation 3. Results Evaluation 3

Evaluation 4. Results Evaluation 4

Results Assignment 1

Results Assignment 2

Results project

5. Final exam 

The schedule for the final exam 


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