Job offers – Research positions at the University of Liège in Computational Power Systems

The research positions are about combining modelling, simulation, optimisation, and machine learning techniques in order to investigate several technical, economic and regulatory aspects induced by major upcoming changes in energy (and in particular, electricity) generation, [...]

31 janvier 2019|

Introducing neuromodulation in deep neural networks to learn adaptive behaviours

Download the research paper In this paper, we propose a new deep neural network architecture, called NMD net, that has been specifically designed to learn adaptive behaviours. This architecture exploits a biological mechanism called neuromodulation [...]

3 janvier 2019|

Assessing the Impact of Katabatic Flows in the Complementarity of Wind Resource between Europe and South Greenland

Download the research paper Current global environmental challenges require firm, yet diverse resolutions in the energy sector. One promising solution consists of harnessing high-quality variable renewable energy (VRE) resources in remote locations, while using transmission [...]

6 décembre 2018|

Centralised Planning of National Integrated Energy System with Power-to-Gas and Gas Storages

Download the research paper This paper proposes an optimisation-based framework to tackle long-term centralised planning problems of integrated energy systems with bi-directional electricity-gas carriers coupling under various policy constraints. The framework is leveraged to gain [...]

31 octobre 2018|

Il n’y a plus de bulle des certificats verts. Il y a juste un manque de courage politique du Gouvernement wallon

Note: Carte blanche publiée dans le Vif le 29-09-2018, voir , mais sans la caricature de Jean-Luc Crucke et les deux dernières phrases. On discute beaucoup de la bulle des certificats verts ces derniers jours. Ce [...]

24 septembre 2018|