Remote Renewable Hubs for Carbon-Neutral Fuel Production

Decarbonising sectors such as aviation, heating and industry has proved difficult via direct electrification. Hence, the synthesis of carbon-neutral fuels and feedstocks from renewable electricity has received much attention in recent years. However, in European [...]

24 février 2021|

Sector coupling for the energy transition: the case of the Dutch energy system

The topic of sector coupling and the role it may play in the energy transition has recently received a great deal of attention in European energy policy circles. In particular, power-to-gas technologies, which enable the [...]

4 juillet 2020|

An Artificial Intelligence Solution for Electricity Procurement in Forward Markets

Download the research paper Retailers and major consumers of electricity generally purchase a critical percentage of their estimated electricity needs years ahead on the forward markets. This long-term electricity procurement task consists of determining when [...]

11 juin 2020|

An Application of Deep Reinforcement Learning to Algorithmic Trading

Download the research paper This research paper presents a novel deep reinforcement learning (DRL) solution to the decision-making problem behind algorithmic trading in the stock markets: selecting the appropriate trading action (buy, hold or sell [...]

15 avril 2020|

A Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Continuous Intraday Market Bidding

Download the research paper This paper addresses a key issue in the context of the Energy Transition: the computation of trading strategies for valorizing storage units in markets with large renewable energy integration. In particular, [...]

13 avril 2020|