Authentic ecology as an advanced stage of technological civilization

Download the pdf version of this article Authors : Corentin de Salle, Director of the Jean Gol Centre & Damien Ernst, Professor at the University of Liège People are right to want to live surrounded [...]

20 avril 2019|

Voiture électrique : 697.612 km pour devenir verte ! Vrai ou faux ?

Auteur : Prof. Damien ERNST, University of Liège Très récemment, la RTBF, un média belge, publiait un article intitulé « Voiture électrique : 697.612 km pour devenir verte ! »  J’avais donné pour cet article une interview au journaliste Gérald Wéry [...]

10 mars 2019|

Electric car: 697,612 km to become green! True or false?

Author: Prof. Damien Ernst, University of Liège Very recently, the RTBF, a Belgian media outlet, published an article titled "Electric car: 697.612 km to become green!" I had given an interview to the journalist Gérald [...]

10 mars 2019|

Introducing neuromodulation in deep neural networks to learn adaptive behaviours

Download the research paper In this paper, we propose a new deep neural network architecture, called NMD net, that has been specifically designed to learn adaptive behaviours. This architecture exploits a biological mechanism called neuromodulation [...]

3 janvier 2019|

Assessing the Impact of Katabatic Flows in the Complementarity of Wind Resource between Europe and South Greenland

Download the research paper Current global environmental challenges require firm, yet diverse resolutions in the energy sector. One promising solution consists of harnessing high-quality variable renewable energy (VRE) resources in remote locations, while using transmission [...]

6 décembre 2018|