The research positions are about combining modelling, simulation, optimisation, and machine learning techniques in order to investigate several technical, economic and regulatory aspects induced by major upcoming changes in energy (and in particular, electricity) generation, transmission, distribution and consumption in the context of the Energy transition.

In particular, in the field of distribution networks, we are looking for collaborators to work on the integration of decentralised generation capacities and electric vehicles in three-phase unbalanced networks. At the level of transmission networks, we are recruiting high-level researchers for developing modelling, optimisation and planning techniques required for building a global grid, i.e. an electrical grid spanning the whole planet. Electricity transmission technologies (using High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)) make it indeed possible to build such an infrastructure that could dramatically reduce the cost of renewable energy. We are also looking for people willing to work in the field of Dynamic Security Assessment (DSA) of power systems.

PhD candidates, post-docs or senior researchers with a strong interest in power systems and energy transition related challenges, as well as a strong background in applied mathematics, machine learning, programming and/or electrical engineering should consider applying for this position.

Research environment
The research project will be carried out at the University of Liège within the team of Prof. Damien Ernst (Website: )

Other details
The initial contract will be for 1 year, with a possibility for an additional 3-year extension. The position is compatible with our PhD programme and may lead to the defence of a PhD thesis within three to four years. The starting date is open to negotiation but we expect to hire a new researcher as soon as possible.

Please send a complete CV to Prof. Damien Ernst (eb.eg1632150784eilu@1632150784tsnre1632150784d1632150784) with as subject: Research position in  Intelligent Power Systems

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