This class will be given during the second semester on Wednesday morning in Room R21 of the Montefiore Institute (B28). It starts at 9:00 am. The first class is on the 25th of September. People from the private or the public sector are welcomed to attend it. Registration is free. The teaching assistant for the class is Mr. Ioannis Boukas (Email: eb.eg1576151322eilu@1576151322sakuo1576151322b.sin1576151322naoi1576151322 ).

Lesson 1 – 25/09/2019 – Speaker: Damien Ernst. Introduction and basics concepts from economics
Lesson 2 – 02/10/2019 – Speaker: Damien Ernst. Measures of cost for electrical energy.   Structure of the domestic electricity bill
Lesson 3 – 09/10/2019 – Speaker: Damien Ernst. Markets for electrical energy
Lesson 4 – 16/10/2019 – Speaker Damien Ernst. Participating to electricity markets
Lesson 5 – 23/10/2019- Speaker Damien Ernst.  System security and ancillary services
Lesson 6 – 30/10/2019 – Speaker: Damien Ernst. Trading over the electricity network
Lesson 7 – 06/11/2019 – Invited speaker: Frédérik Demaret (EDF Luminus) Energy Trading
Lesson 8 –  13/11/2019 – Invited speaker: Bertrand Cornélusse (ULG). How does the European day-ahead electricity market work?
Lesson 10 – 27/12/2019 – Q&A on project.
Lesson 11 – 04/12/2019 – Project defenses

Assignment 25/09/2019 – (i)  The merit-order effect: A detailed analysis of the price effect of renewable electricity generation on spot market prices in Germany (ii) Download the questions related to the paper
Assignment 02/10/2019 – (i) Competition in the British Electricity Spot Market (ii) Download the questions related to the paper
Assignment 09/10/2019 – (i) Optimal bidding strategies for competitive generators and large consumers (ii) Download the questions related to the paper
Assignment 16/10/2019 – (i)  A Comparison of Nash Equilibria Analysis and Agent-Based Modelling for Power Markets  (ii) Download the questions related to the paper
Assignment 23/10/2019 – (i) Using fleets of electric-drive vehicles for grid support (ii) Download the questions related to the paper
Assignment 30/10/2019 – (i)  Design and operation of the locational marginal prices-based electricity markets (ii)  Download the questions related to the paper

Note: (i) some of the linked material may only be available from within the ULg. Connect to ULg’s VPN for remote access (ii) the research papers need to be studied for the assignment date.

Final assignment

Project defense schedule

Final exam schedule



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