Free article « Music, migration and the city »

Our article is now on Taylor & Francis Online. Music, migration and the city Get you free copy at

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50 Free copies « Music and the political expression and mobilization of second and third-generation immigrants in urban Europe: insights from Liège (Belgium) »

My article, Music and the political expression and mobilization of second and third-generation immigrants in urban Europe: insights from Liège (Belgium), published in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Volume 42 Issue 6, is now available for you to access via The eprint link is now ready to use and is: Only 50 free copies [...]

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« Villes connectées – pratiques transnationales, dynamiques identitaires et diversité culturelle »

Les grandes villes sont continuellement des points de départ ou de destination de personnes migrantes. Ces migrations rapprochent des territoires parfois très éloignés, elles aboutissent à la formation d’espaces transnationaux qui connectent et transforment les sociétés d’origine et de destination. Un ouvrage collectif publié par les Presses Universitaires de Liège éclaire des réalités de terrain [...]

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JUST PUBLISHED: New Dynamics in Female Migration and Integration (Routledge Research in Gender and Society) Hardcover – April 10, 2015 by Christiane Timmerman (Editor), Marco Martiniello (Editor), Andrea Rea (Editor), & 1 more This book explores the dynamic interplay between cross-national and cross-cultural patterns of female migration, integration and social change, by focusing on the specific case of Belgium. It provides insight into the dynamic interplay between gender and migration, and especially contributes to the knowledge of how migration changes gender relations in Belgium, as well as [...]

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My new book ‘An Introduction to Immigrant Incorporation Studies: European Perspectives’

Migratory movements combined with new technologies and growing wealth have changed the face of Europe. One in ten Europeans today is foreign-born. Despite EU integration, policies and processes for incorporating these immigrants, and their children and grandchildren, have remained mainly in the national policy domain. They, moreover, vary widely from nation to nation, and often [...]

11 septembre 2014|Categories: Books, Ouvrages|

Multiculturalism and the Arts in European Cities

This book discusses the tension, or even the contradiction, between ethno-cultural segregation and ethno-cultural mixing in the field of the arts. It focuses on the local artistic sphere in the multicultural EU cities of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Cologne, Malmö and Vienna. The chapters show a variety of local experiences by exploring in each city discourses, [...]

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An Introduction to International Migration Studies. European perspectives

This essential volume is the second published in the textbook series of the International Migration and Social Cohesion Research Network. The editors have assembled a comprehensive collection of twenty-five classic papers that have had a lasting impact on studies of international migration and immigrant integration in Europe. The contributors discuss migration studies in the context [...]

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Selected Studies in International Migration and Immigrant Incorporation

Over the past decade there have been significant advances in the field of migration and ethnic studies, ranging in topic from ethnic conflict and discrimination to nationalism, citizenship, and integration policy. But many of these studies are oriented towards the United States, slighting, when not outright ignoring, the European perspective. This volume—the first in a [...]

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