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The CUNY Gradaute Center, 365 5th Avenue, New York, New York.


Thursday 5th May 2015 (Room 5318)

Introductory remarks 9:00-9:15pm (Marco Martiniello)

Panel 1: 9:15 – 11:00 Music and new forms of collective identity.

Chair : Philip Kasinitz

Discussant: Anahi Viladrich


Ray Allen: Steel and Brass in Brooklyn: Carnival Music and Transnational Identity


Ozan Aksoy: Music and Migration among the Alevi immigrants from Turkey in Germany

Break : 11 :00- 11 :15.

Panel 2: 11:15-1:00 The diversification of the local arts scene

Chair : Marco Martiniello

Discussant: Don Robotham



Phil Kasinitz: “Immigrants! They Get the Job Done!” New comers remaking America in the New York Musical Theater.

Lionel Arnaud:  Wake the town and tell the people : 
The spread of the afro-caribbean artistic repertoires and their transformation into devices of raising political awareness in British and French cities

Lunch in The Sociology Lounge, Room 6112, 1 :00 – 2 :30.

Rountable with musicians: 2:30- 4:30

Starflam (Kaer and Pavé form Belgium), Yussef Faraj (hip-hop activist from Brussels), Circa 95 (Patty and Duke), Bobby Sanabria, PJ White and Freddy Castilblanco.


Moderated by Marco Martiniello and Elena Martinez Folklorist at City Lore and Co-Artistic Director, Bronx Music Heritage Center.


Dinner for Participants at 7pm. Location TBA.


Friday 6th May 2016 (Room 5318).

Panel 3: 9:00-10:45 : Music, Culture and Commodity

Chair: Marco Martiniello

Discussant: Paul DiMaggio


Alessandro Mazzola: From neo-orientalism to political activism. Folk music and the representation of a pan-Mediterranean identity in Naples

Rob Kloosterman and Amanda Brandellero : Parallel worlds? Commodifying immigrant music in the Paris world music scene

Break 10:45- 11:00.

Panel 4: 11:00-12:45 Political Mobilization

Chair: Philip Kasinitz

Discussant : Peter Manuel


Ruben Hermandez-Leon: The music of the immigrant rights movement: Son jarocho in Los Angeles


Marco Martiniello: Music, everyday multiculturalism and politics: the case of Belgium.


Concluding remarks: 12:45-1:00 (Kasinitz)

Lunch 1:00-2 :00  Sociology Program Lounge, Room. 6112

Performance 2 :00-3:00. Music of Anatolian Diasporas, by Ozan Aksoy

We will conclude the day with musical examples of migration. Multi-instrumentalist and scholar Ozan Aksoy will perform selections from the music of Anatolian diasporas including folk and urban songs performed by Turkish, Kurdish, Alevi, Arab, and Armenian immigrants from Anatolia. Ozan will be singing and playing songs of Anatolian diasporas on the bağlama (long-necked lute), kaval (end-blown flute), lavta (lute), and vocals. NY-based percussionist, Ramzi El-Edlibi, will accompany Ozan on traditional drums from the Middle East.


Saturday May 7th. A Saturday Session in the Bronx, with the Bronx Music Heritage Center.

1-3pm: Morrisania Musical Legacy Tour. Beginning at the Bronx Musical Heritage Lab, 1303 Louis Nine Blvd. Bronx New York. (Just steps from the Freeman Street Stop on the 2 or 5 trains).

         BMHC co-artistic director Elena Martinez will lead a Bronx walking tour[] through the neighborhoods where legends in jazz, hip-hop, doo-wop and Latin music lived and played from the 1940’s through today.


5pm : The Bronx to Belgium : A Hip Hop Dialogue. Bronx Musical Heritage Lab, 1303 Louis Nine Blvd. Bronx New York.

A trans-Atlantic Hip Hop event featuring US and European Hip Hop artists including Belgian MCs, L’Enfant Pavé and Kaer Mig One, and the Bronx’s own Circa ’95. Performance at the Bronx Musical Heritage Lab following the walking tour as part of the Bronx to Belgium Hip-Hop Dialogue in partnership with the CUNY Graduate Center’s Music, Immigrants and the City: A Transatlantic Dialogue.




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